What are your favorite feel-good things in life – things that always make you smile? 1. What is your major here at El Camino?<br/> I currently do not have one :)<br/> <br/> 2. What other courses are you taking?<br/> English 1B<br/> <br/> 3. Do you know where the computer lab is?<br/> ....Maybe<br/> <br/> 4. Do you know the computer lab&#39;s hours? If so, what are they, if not, post them from the white board tomorrow.<br/> I&#39;ll post them tomorrow<br/> <br/> 5. Do you know of any designers, if so, who?<br/> My cousin is working as a special effects artist.<br/> <br/> 6. Who is a successful designer in every day America?<br/> Don&#39;t know of any specific artists<br/> <br/> 7. If you could fly or be invisible, which would you choose and why?<br/> Fly...so I could travel anywhere in the world with spending money on gas or plane tickets.<br/> <br/> 8. What is your goal in the outcome of this class for yourself?<br/> I want to learn digital art so I can get started on my career goals.<br/> <br/> 9. What is something about you that we would never learn without your answering this question?<br/> I was a missionary for two years for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints :)<br/> <br/> 10. What is a successful design element in our classroom as well as not successful design element? It could be environmental, product-based, or print-based.<br/> The large and wide computer screens work well, and having some computers that require the users to face the opposite direction of the pull-down screen is kind of an inconvinience.

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